Ambuli Illam and Bison House – Top Slip Govt Accommodations

Ambuli Illam and Bison House - Top Slip Govt AccommodationsAmbuli Illam (Ambuli House) This architecture is begin 3kms off from Topslip. admitting movement to the accepted architecture you’ll be able to the arboreal animals like ample Squirrel and Nilgiri Old World monkey. This architecture is belted by alpine bamboos from wherever you’ll be able to see angle of Anaimalai and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve with folding hillocks and abysmal valleys and additionally the plains of Sethumadai and Anamalai Villages. during this architecture band ability is affiliated and twenty four hours bewilderment accessories offered. If you would like biking may be organized aural the morning and an black accumulate in Ambuliparai watch belfry would accommodate you with continued blood-tingling expertise.

  • Total Rooms : 4
  • Maxium Members : 11
  • Food : Catering Attached ( Self Paid )

Ambuli Illam Topslip Gallery

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Bison House Top Slip Accommodation

Bison home is anchored in Topslip abutting to by Grass Medow its could be a antecedent backwoods workers Quarters absorb 1956 , this adaptation is begin in centermost of Topslip , aural the black hours one will afterimage noticed cervid, Gaurs every now and again elephants. band is connected. bewilderment accessories offered all the hours. you will account the biking to Karianshola a atypical beloved backwoods of aerial accurate copse with coraciiform bird nests, barb marks of tiger, ample climbers, arena and timberline orchids etc.,

  • Total Beds : two + one
  • Maximum Staying Members : three
  • Available Rooms : four
  • Timing : 12pm to 10 am
  • Jungle campaign : Special cruise in 5.30pm for Elephant Feeding Camp campaign ( Cocky Paid )
  • Food : Order the abreast by backwoods canteen in cocky paid

Topslip Ambuli Govt House Video