Top Slip Tourism – Thrilling Real Wildlife Resort Pollachi

Top Slip is a a lot of accepted abode amid in the Anamalai abundance ambit in the Western Ghats about thirty kilometers from Pollachi in South India. The atom perched at a acme of 240 meters aloft sea akin is acclaimed for its wildlife altar and civic esplanade that are in proximity.

Indra Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly called Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary), widely known as Top Slip is located at about 37 km from Pollachi town. There are arrangements of exploring the sanctuary on elephant back or by van. If you plan to walk in the park, you must have a Park Guide with you and you are allowed to walk in the park for a maximum of four hours for INR 70 per person. If you are visiting the park for the day, you can go directly to Top Slip.

Top Slip Tourism, Pollachi – Top Slip is one of the a lot of adorable absolute flora and fauna acropolis Resort in Western Ghats, Anaimalai Tiger Reserve maintained with the aid of Forest Department of Tamilnadu. There are not any claimed apartment accessible like inns, resorts, Cottages, Homes Stays central backwoods alone govt company houses, Cottages like Bison House, Hornbill house, Dormitory, Tree houses there.

Top Slip Tourism, PollachiTop Slip Resort is actual acceptable day-tripper abode abreast Pollachi. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as humans who “travel to and break in places alfresco their accepted ambiance for added than 24 hours and not added than one after year for leisure, business and added purposes not accompanying to the exercise of an action remunerated from aural the abode visited”. In these occasions Topslip is a actual acceptable vacation abode in India, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore.

Top Slip Photo Gallery

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Top slip Tourism

Topslip Resorts Top Slip ResortsTop slip is amid in the Anamalai Abundance ambit of 240 m (800 feet) from the sea level. Top Slip is the baby allotment in Indira Gandhi Civic Esplanade and Wildlife Altar lies in the niligiri Biosphere Reserve, which is afar from the Nilgiri Hills by Palghat Gap in north.

Topslip Resort is about 37kms from Pollachi city. Top Slip Resort can be accomplished by the alone in alley travels. In Topslip the vacation can be enjoyed by blockage at Timberline Hut, Elephant raid, Backwoods tracking and adore in watching all affectionate of agrarian animals and adorableness abounding birds.

Top Slip Tourism Activities

Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp – Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp is a popular place in the region which is known for training elephants. There are around 50 tribal families of Malisar that reside at this Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp. This tribe are the main elephant handler caste which is skilled in working with these giant Asian elephants. Forest jeeps are the only means of travelling within this region which can be rented from the forest department authorities.

Trekking -You can start off with a few simple treks such as Pandaravara 8km and Kozhikamuthu-12 km. As for expert trekkers, Perunkundru at 32km will be more than a match.Various other trekking ranges such as Kolambumalai- 10 km, MT. Stuart-10 km, Ambuli watch-6 km, Kozhikammuthy-12 km ,Karian Shola-4 km.

  • Thrilling ” Topslip ” ( Anamalai Tiger Assets )
  • The afterward are above allure eco tourism in topslip
  • Elephant Feeding Camp
  • Elephant safari
  • Trekking
  • Bird Watching
  • Backwoods Museum
  • Visit Tribal Village
  • Animals Sighting

The afterward are above allure eco tourism in TopSlip-Parambikulam

  • Lake view
  • Thunnacadavu dam
  • Valley appearance point
  • Kannimara teak timberline ( 450 yrs old )
  • Parambikulam dam
  • Karimala gopuram
  • Animals sighting

Parambikulam is abutting day-tripper position from Topslip resort. We admonish you to break on Topslip and even to Day alternate with to Parambikulam tiger reserve.

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